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Resources for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech 

Photo credit: Derrick Liu, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

I'm an Assistant Professor of Psychology at San Jose State University, one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the nation and a leading supplier of employees for Silicon Valley tech companies. In an effort to help meet the nation's need for a diverse, technology-capable workforce, I helped develop a new minor in Applied Computing for Behavioral and Social Sciences along with colleagues from the social sciences, engineering, and education. The aims of this minor are to (1) broaden career opportunities for social science students, who have among the highest rates of unemployment of college graduates, and (2) increase diversity in the tech sector, which lacks both ethnic and gender diversity. 

In keeping with this mission and in honor of Juneteenth, I'd like to share several resources that aim to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. These resources relate to interdisciplinary fields appropriate for my students as well as to tech more broadly. If you have additional resources to suggest, please reach out using the Contact Us link above -- your input is greatly valued.

Statistics on diversity in tech

Becoming an anti-racist ally in tech

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech

Empowering and connecting POC in tech

  • Black Tech Unplugged, a podcast for inspiring and empowering Blacks in Tech

  • Vanguard STEM, a monthly web-series featuring a rotating panel of women of color in STEM

  • Afrotech, a conference and web platform for building a strong Black tech community

  • Tech Inclusion, a conference founded in direct response to the tech industry’s lack of diversity

  • Black Women Talk Tech, a collective of Black women tech founders who aim to identify, support and encourage Black women to build the next billion dollar business

Other helpful lists of resources

Bonus: Historical use of data viz to challenge racism

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